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Sep 04 Viewpoints Artist Talks: Brandt-Roberts Galleries
Indonesian-born Winnie Sidharta Ambron pushes the boundaries of traditional watercolor painting by applying her classical training with a contemporary approach. As explained in her artist’s statement, Sidharta’s work “questions the foundations of techniques within painting, applying them to radical portraiture that examines, self...
Sep 02 GCAC-sponsored Gallery Hop Performers: Mikey Butane Performance Group
Created in 2012, the Mikey Butane Performance Group is a professional movement ensemble associated with artist community Movement Activities aerial training lab, located at 400 W Rich St. Founder Mikey Thomas created the group to fill a void in the Columbus dance scene. “I found there were not performance groups presenting the kinds of work...
Aug 13 Gallery Spotlight: Lumos Gallery
Nick Davis is not your typical art gallery owner. The CEO of Executive Innovation, a management consulting firm, Nick and the firm’s co-founder and CTO, Garrett Davis, and the gallery’s Executive Director and Curator, Kayla Malone, developed the concept for Lumos Gallery to fill the gap in Columbus’ technology art scene. “...
Aug 04 Business Spotlight: Oddfellows Liquor Bar
Six years ago, if you had asked Mikey Sorboro whether he would be more likely to open a pizza shop or a bar, he wouldn’t have said a pizza shop. “I would have been like, ‘yeah, probably a bar, but pizza?’” Sorboro is now CEO of the eponymous Mikey’s Late Night Slice, the famous by-the-slice pizza shop that...
Jul 30 GCAC-sponsored Gallery Hop Performers: KaTanya Ingram
Since she began singing at the monthly Short North Gallery Hop in 2009, veteran performer KaTanya Ingram has kept coming back because of her love for the district. “Gallery Hop allows me to be the best me,” Ingram said. “The memories are endless, but the best part will always be the people. Every month I am always remembered,...
Jul 29 August Galleries and Exhibitions
Enjoy everything the District has to offer during August, which is featuring new art in the Short North galleries, shops, and restaurants. Don't forget to check out Murder Ballad, a new musical about a New York City love triangle, at Short North Stage starting Thursday, August 7. Looking for an easy way to get down to the Short...