In a new blog series, art collectors are sharing their stories about investing in art from Short North Arts District galleries. Read on for a Q&A from a variety of art lovers in Columbus.

What is your favorite piece in your collection from the Short North Arts District?

My favorite piece is ‘Landscape’ by Marty Husted.

How did you begin your art collection?
My art collection began as a way to fill the walls in my apartment, so I went to Gallery Hop to purchase some art. I started to pick some great pieces up. From there, my collection grew larger, as I found Studios on High and kept coming back.

What drew you to Studios on High Gallery?
The thing I like the most is that it’s all about the artist. Studios on High has a wide variety of pieces of work and they are reasonably priced, so that’s why I began getting my pieces of art from there. They have a wide variety of works of art and all different genres.

What sort of artwork do you love?
I like paintings and ceramics. As far as paintings, I like scenes, flowers, abstract, and not abstract; I really just like everything. I also have an appreciation for stained glass work and blown glass. It’s just what catches your eye.

What tips do you have for beginning collectors?
Find a good piece of original work that you like. A good place to start is to look at the unframed pieces, because framing is expensive, but you can find some very interesting pieces there.  

As a collector, what is special about the galleries in the Short North Arts District?
I like the fact that the [Short North Arts District] does the Gallery Hop and draws people down. I feel it’s very up and coming and the art is prevalent. The art is there and it’s available. I think people need to realize the art they have in their city and support it. Art is special.