Bryston Walters

This holiday season, a few Columbus insiders are sharing their favorite wish list items from shops in the Short North Arts District. HighBall veteran and 2015 Costume Couture Fashion Show Winner Bryston Walters took at day to explore the Short North Arts District and give you his picks of the season.

If it weren’t for the freezing temperatures, winter would be my favorite time of year! The smell in the air, the decorations, the clothes (sales), the food, the time with friends and family – it really is beautiful! And one of my favorite ways to experience all of them at once is to stroll through the beautiful Short North (Pole)!

The atmosphere and culture in the Short North Arts District is one that you can’t find in other areas of Cbus! Whether I’m wanting to grab a coffee early in the morning, take a stroll and go shopping for one-of-a-kind items, hit up a happy hour, find some delicious food, or dance like there is no tomorrow, I can find it all! But for those of you that are looking for the perfect gifts this holiday (hopefully for me), I’ve picked out several of my favorites that can be found in our very own ShoNo!

global one line glam samson

Left to right:

1.) Anyone who knows me, knows that I love scarves and winter hats! These hand-knitted pieces from Global Gifts are absolutely beautiful AND you’re supporting a beautiful cause!

2.) One of my favorite (non-alcoholic) beverages is the Honey Latte at One Line Coffee! Gift cards for the holidays, anyone? Seriously, it’s delicious!

3.) I fell in love with these adorable succulents at GLAM356! Having plant in your home or office can definitely brighten your mood – and having them in these adorable containers makes it even better!

4.) I’m rather particular when it comes to fragrances. However, I instantly fell in love with these wilderness perfumes at Samson/T. David Collection. Made entirely of natural plants and extracts, they make for the best stocking stuffers!

t david lady rowe rocket fizz

Left to right:

5.) Also at T. David  is a squirrel nutcracker! There’s not much more I should have to say. RUN and get yours now!

6.) No, it’s no Bryston Walters bag, but this monogrammed bag at Ladybird is rather sexy. I’m a sucker for classic travel bags!

7.) Because I can sometimes find it hard to stay motivated in the cold months, these inspirational bracelets at Rowe are right up my alley!

8.) And because I can never get enough candy and sugar, I will take one of ANYTHING from Rocket Fizz! You can honestly find just about any candy you could dream of here, and the soda selection is awesome too!