BrewDog Short North recently launched an exciting partnership with Brown Bag Deli, the flagship location of which is in German Village. This partnership is a way for BrewDog to offer a new fast-service food option to their customers, while also being able to collaborate with another well-established business in the Columbus community. We spoke with Meredith Watson of BrewDog and Molly Pesich of Brown Bag to learn more about the collaboration.

What are some of the principles and ethics that BrewDog and Brown Bag have in common when it comes to running a business?

When it comes to running a business, both Brown Bag and BrewDog strongly believe that progress can only be achieved in equally practicing positive community involvement and exceptional experiences brought about by premium product. Long before COVID, both our enterprises believed that connecting with people through establishing a sense of value was the most important to success; success is not just measured in net sales, but net smiles. The union of the two brands has been effortlessly delightful (and delicious).

In what ways have the two businesses been able to learn from each other through this experience?

BrewDog as a whole truly prides themselves on empowering their employees through education; the more we know, the more at ease and confident we feel. We have invested that same vivacity into Brown Bag as well, taking same time and effort into educating them on our products, dogmas, and goals. The energy has been met with tremendous moxie!

Brown Bag has also spent a great deal of time and spirit into showing our crew the devotion and craftsmanship that goes into what makes them so superior; from rudimentary dietary need comprehension to stories of how many of the recipes have been passed down several generations, the moments shared have been treasured by minds and tummies alike.

What are some changes that guests can expect to see happening as a result of the partnership?

For BrewDog, an expansion of hours is the most exciting change. We are very thrilled to announce that we are now open for lunch; hours of operation now are 11:00am – 10:00pm, Sunday through Saturday.

For Brown Bag, many of their dishes will be cooked featuring many of BrewDog’s delicious brews, including The Brewdog Brat, made with one of our headliners, Lost Lager.

What are you most looking forward to about this opportunity?

For BrewDog, we are thrilled about the idea of perpetuating our innovative business practices through this new merger; BrewDog Short North is the first location within the company to have a local small business kitchen takeover. We are equally excited for the opportunity to introduce our brand to those who may not be familiar with BrewDog and what we are all about, principles and pints alike.

For Brown Bag, the feeling is very much mutual; the ability to introduce the brand to a whole new neighborhood is a delightful endeavor. The joining of two established brands that are so devoted to a great experience and even better social impact, all while enjoying a phenomenal beer and a sandwich, is nothing short of spectacular for Brown Bag Deli and the regulars they love so dearly.

How are BrewDog and Brown Bag Deli providing a Short North Safe experience?

Both businesses are passionate about the safety of all of our guests. Both locations encourage the six foot rule within our locations’ table set ups, masks are required for entry and must be worn until fully seated, hand sanitizer stations are readily available for all guests and employees to utilize, and any and all other ordinances our Governor has implemented are well respected here. We also ensure that several employees on staff at a time are ServSafe Certified, to ensure all food and beverages are handled with the utmost care and consideration. We are all in this together, so we can all come out of this together.

BrewDog Short North is located at 1175 N. High St and is open for a Short North Safe experience. For more information about contactless parking and other options, visit the Parking & Transit page.