13102821_598693616956662_7213313027457375451_nNestled in the southern end of the Short North Arts District, Double Comfort is a restaurant with great food and an even better cause.

Memphis-style fried chicken is the inspiration behind Double Comfort’s staple on the menu. Their fried chicken, specifically the chicken and waffles, is by far their most popular dish.

“The fried chicken is a recipe that the owner, Mary Lyski, brought up from Memphis,” said Jason Miller, manager of Double Comfort. Lyski wanted to feature the recipe as a centerpiece of their menu, but it certainly isn’t the only thing you can find at the southern-influenced restaurant.

In the near future, look for a new menu that will feature more sandwiches, salads, and lighter options. During the warmer months, Double Comfort will also add a summer pot roast, which is a perfect option for dinner at the end of a long summer day.

Working with local farmers and suppliers, Double Comfort uses quality ingredients, while also supporting the local community. Chef James Dean cooks with fresh, whole foods and allows their natural flavors and textures to stand out.

DOUBLE COMFORTAt Double Comfort, enjoying a great meal is not the only thing you’re doing when you dine there. Double Comfort partners with nonprofit food pantries, through a grant process, to select the pantry where revenues might be the most effective. This season, Double Comfort is supporting Clintonville Resource Center’s Choice Food Pantry.

“We do nights where all the tips go directly to the pantries,” Miller said. “That translates to a large amount of meals to people who need it locally, and it feels good to do that.”

It’s a team effort at Double Comfort with a desire to support their cause.

“The people that work here really care about the place. We care a lot about our employees. We’ve got a real sense of team here,” Miller said.

– Breanna Williams