Righno 1“I’ve always wanted to be in the Short North. I’m born and raised in Columbus, Ohio,” said Corey Bee, head of Righno. “I’ve always wanted a shop here, but business took me to Indiana first. The fashion here is amazing, [and] the shop owners here are great. Things have changed here since I’ve left and come back, but you can still feel everything moving here. The Short North is still the place everyone around here migrates to, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Righno, the Short North’s newest specialty boutique for men, is definitely a part of that movement. Exposed brick, hardwood floors, and track lighting create a floor space that would feel as at home in SoHo as anywhere else, and offers the Short North a discriminating new option for fashion-forward guys. Cutting through the mediocrity of over-stuffed racks and cluttered display tables, Righno is a study in curated simplicity.

“Most of these brands are all about craftsmanship, so over production isn’t something that they do,” Bee said. “You come in, you don’t get distracted, you see what matters.” A boutique catering to everyone with a style eye for crisp and cool, Bee works with a very select range of labels and products to create what he calls a ‘lifestyle shop’.

Righno 3Opening just over a month ago, Righno’s floor space is quickly stepping up to this ideal. In terms of apparel, the store offers everything a guy needs. Starting with socks and underwear (compliments of Wood, a California based menswear designer, and a few select others), to pants, tees, shirts, outerwear, and accessories, Righno supplies every step of the day with the right look. Somehow remaining relaxed while still making a statement, Righno manages to deliver a concise and fashion-forward aesthetic while holding back the attitude. Their lines of shoes and bags also impress – with rows of polished leather and distressed suede evoking a Euro-cool, office chic style.

Righno 4Skin and hair care however is where the store goes above and beyond. Touting labels such as Joe Grooming, Ursa Major, Latika, and Portland General Store, Righno has an impressive collection of hard-to-find must haves. Obviously soap and shampoo are covered, as well as moisturizer, and conditioner. Texture paste? Yes. Face tonic? Yes. Fresh mint beard conditioner and tobacco beard oil? Also, yes.

The uniqueness and originality of the store’s finds are largely thanks to Bee’s efforts at staying true to the store’s ideals: quite simply, a men’s shop with awesome stuff for everybody.

“To be honest, I don’t like labeling who my customer is. It can be anybody – girls and guys, old people and young people. At our original store in Indianapolis we get people of all ages, nationalities, sexualities. It’s 2015, let’s get over demographics.”


– Tyler Wilson