17 W. Russell St
Columbus, OH 43215
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Currently, by chance or by appointment
Usually at gallery Th-S, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
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(614) 565.0314

About: (Not) Sheep Gallery

(Not) Sheep focuses on political, confrontational, conversational, or controversial artwork. In this political climate, it’s important to take a stand and to speak out. Art is the perfect catalyst for that.  Theses artists’ work explore:

  • Sue Cavanaugh – corporations as people
  • Char Norman – environmental issues
  • Ann Kim and Hana Yilma – being “other,” immigration, travel, cultural reference
  • Juliellen Byrne – religion, politics, family, war
  • Nava Lubelski  – “women’s work,” stereotypical roles within society
  • Christopher X. Bost – environmental and media issues
  • Richard Garriott-Stejskal – psychological issues and the repairing of self through art
  • Darlene Olivia McElroy – religion, stereotypes assigned to gender and race
  • Kim Goldfarb – racism, animal and family issues
  • Paul Richmond – gay rights and representation
  • Izumi Yokoyama – ideas of self-awareness, Buddhist thought, and man’s place in the world
  • Nathaniel Galka – environmental destruction and mutation
  • Deborah Griffing – family issues and mental health, as well as our place in the world
  • Magda Parasidis – urban poverty

Guest artists will be introduced for specific shows, and other types of expression will be given a home to perform, i.e., slam poetry, panel discussions, etc. 5% of all sales goes toward a charity of your choice.

Work can be delivered anywhere inside of I-270 free of charge, and most pieces can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. free of charge (call for information).