17 W. Russell St
Columbus, OH 43215
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Th-Su, 11:00am - 6:00pm
M-W, Closed

(614) 565.0314

About: (Not) Sheep Gallery

Rogue Artists. No apologies. (Not) Sheep will focus on political, confrontational, conversational, or controversial artwork. In this political client, it’s important to take a stand, and to speak out. Art is the perfect catalyst for that. Artists will be moved from Muse Gallery to (Not) Sheep, where they can fully explore the messages they’ve hinted at in the past.

  • Sue Cavanaugh will continue her discussion of corporations as people, turning her attention away from decorative fabric art to creating sculptural fabric pieces
  • Char Norman will continue her discussion of the environment, and our ruination of the environment
  • Ann Kim and Hana Yilma will talk about cultural assimilation, racism, and prejudice
  • Juliellen Byrne will tackle issues of religion, politics, family, war, and other subjects
  • Nava Lubelski will present embroidery pieces as a representation of traditional “women’s work,” and yet take that to a level that both confronts stereotypical roles and offers a way of mending destruction
  • Christopher X. Bost will tackle environmental issues
  • Sare and Yuri Darash will present images and sculpture talking about self-awareness, self-image, public perception, and beauty ideals
  • Richard Garriott-Stejskal will delve into psychological issues and the repairing of self through art
  • Darlene Olivia McElroy will talk about religion, being multi-cultural but appearing white, and stereotypes assigned to gender and race
  • Kim Goldfarb will discuss issues of racism and family issues, having grown up in the south raised by a black nanny
  • Sol Halabi will tackle issues as both a European and a woman, and the issues of gender and repression

Guest artists will be introduced for specific shows, and other types of expression will be given a home to perform, i.e., slam poetry, panel discussions, etc. 5% of all sales goes toward a charity of your choice.