Shoppers everywhere know the benefits of retail therapy: a temporary feeling of stress relief and happiness. But what if your shopping habits could create a positive feeling that lasts much longer than the ride home from the store? The Short North Arts District not only provides customers with plenty of shops, but also provides a multitude of ways to give back to the community through each purchase.

Looking for a gift that really does keep on giving? The team at Voodoo Denim Lounge offers a line of denim that not only looks great on, but also feels good to buy. Profits from the line, PRVCY Premium, are shared with various breast cancer research foundations and are creatively designed with pocket stitching that resembles a heart monitor. PRVCY Premium also helps provide free mammogram screenings to women who do not have the means to afford them. The store recognizes the importance of fashionable customers, as well as the importance of healthy, happy customers.

Ayisha Jones of Substance for Fashion Conscious People is happy to offer items that benefit society and the world around us, stating, “Much of what we carry in the store are fair-trade items.”  Some of these fair-trade items include, beautiful, beaded necklaces handcrafted by women of Uganda.  More than just carrying some fair-trade items, the entire mission of Substance is to encompasses the message of giving back, “I wanted my business to remain grounded by this simple principle… Where there is style, there should also be substance,” says founder Christina Getachew. Every time a customers purchase fair-trade items, they are playing a part in creating better working conditions abroad for the crafters and artists who produce them.  Probably the most recognizable Short North fair-trade store is Global Gallery. Carrying items from toys and jewelry to clothing and home décor, shoppers have much to chose from.  Providing support for the crafters and producers of their retail items has been the mission of Global Gallery since they opened their business.

Just like destinations such as Global Gallery, for a truly one-of-a-kind gift, GrandView Mercantile & ReVue has not only beautiful pieces, but also those that come with a long history. Many questions and thoughts run through the mind of a customer while selecting a piece of jewelry, especially when it’s for that special someone: Silver or gold? Flashy or classic? Simple or complex? Pam of GrandView Mercantile & ReVue explains that their business is constantly receiving new pieces anywhere from jewelry to furniture to precious antiques.  A large, glass jewelry case that looks more like a treasure chest holds a plethora of uniquely beautiful pieces, offering something different to meet the needs of even the most selective customer.  GrandView Mercantile & ReVue is the perfect place for shoppers looking for exceptional pieces that are far from ordinary. While it is already a favorite pastime for many, knowing you are doing well for society while making purchases can only better your shopping experience! The Short North Arts District is home to many stores that carry items with a purpose behind them. Additional stores offering conscious-friendly merchandise include: Three Dog Bakery, Middle West Spirits, and Mwandiko Traders. Visit the Short North Arts District and help change the world just by changing where you shop!