With a combination of deep Columbus business roots, a true passion to health and healthy food options, hospitality/food service experience and an intense entrepreneurial spirit, Oats & Barley Market was brought to the Short North Arts District to sell carefully curated food and beverage products. The products sold at Oats & Barley Market are organic, all natural, eco-friendly, and locally sourced. Along with the food and beverages, Oats & Barley Market has a large selection of craft beers and wines, meals on the go, and prepared foods.

Seeing a need in the area, “our immediate goal was to bring an entirely new and vital market to this prime area of Columbus,” owner Steve Agganis said. Oats & Barley Market aims to serve the growing market of long-standing residents and health-conscious consumers that shop in the Short North Arts District.

When walking into the market, you can expect to see a wide selection of quality foods and drinks and a friendly greeting. Oats & Barley Market has a true community spirit and atmosphere — great products, that are grown or made locally wherever possible.

“We have aimed to create an iconic Columbus mainstay — a cutting edge market with a modern yet unique aesthetic with a strong neighborhood feel,” Agganis said. “Oats & Barley will deliver stellar quality and customer service within an unrivaled new setting that still feels comfortable and inviting.”

Oats & Barley Market is looking to continually get to know their neighbors and what they need in a grocery store.

“The community market has long been a cornerstone of thriving and tight-knit communities for ages,”Agganis said. “Our hope is that Oats & Barley can serve that need. We see a great deal of opportunity and potential in servicing this growing and vibrant community and can’t wait to learn more as we go.”

Oats & Barley Market is now open with a wide selection of groceries, ready-to-eat lunches, and a variety of wine and beer. Stay up-to-date with all things Oats & Barley by visiting their Facebook page.


– Breanna Williams