For those of you lucky enough to have a furry companion, you get all the loves. Kisses when you get home, kisses when you pull the treats out, and a fluffy, wagging butt in bed all night. However, while the love flows when you’re home, it’s pretty boring when you’re out; the dog doesn’t know your Netflix password. So, grab the leash, call some friends, and have a day out with your little buddy, at these awesome dog-friendly spots in the Short North Arts District.


Three Dog Bakerythree dog

Known as the world’s first bakery for dogs, this homegrown store is the puppy equivalent to being a kid in a candy store. The treats inside are all natural and well balanced, covering all the nutritional needs any dog could need, and are pretty tasty, too. Doggy biscuits, raw-hides, and snacks fill the shelves, with puppy cupcakes brightening up the display cases, and bone birthday cakes drawing noses to the glass. Three Dog is a must for dog owners who like giving their pups extra special attention for any occasion.


A Gal Named Cinda Loucinda lou henry

Welcoming customers at the front door, Henry the Boston Terrier is Cinda Lou’s unofficial mascot, and a pretty good hint at their dog policy. A cute, quaint boutique packed with apparel, knick-knacks, and hidden treasures, Cinda Lou is a great place to get lost in for a bit, and your pooch will have a little friend to play with when you do. For what the cozy store lacks in square footage, it definitely makes up for in charm.



Tigertreetigertree dog

One of the District’s best stops for a little bit of everything, Tigertree is a one stop shop for hard-to-find clothing brands, gadgets, accessories, and home wares. Dogs are more than welcome, and help add to the place’s neighborhood charm. Stocked from floor to ceiling, Tigertree is a sure thing for an interesting and stylish find.


Bink Daviesbink dog

A gift shop with more than just a wink, Bink Davies is the spot for everything you need (but had no idea you needed it). Hamburger socks? Yes. ‘Thanks For Scooping My Poop’ Cheeky-Kitty Hand Sanitizer? Also, yes.

Bink’s lines of Ohio-made gifts for the home hit the spot: vintage Ohio license plates turned wall sculptures and Ohio string art go just far enough into trendy territory without going overboard. Little gifts for cat and dog lovers are scattered around the store, though you might need your trusty hound to help you find them, as the little store is packed with as much ‘nifty’ as could possibly fit.


Posh Petsposh pets dog

For owners who like a little strut with their morning dog walk, Posh Pets is a pretty good place to get some ideas. From practical leashes and pet carriers, to doggy tutus and cat unicorn horns, Posh Pets covers a wide range of looks for your furry friend. It’s also a good stop to give them a snack – the peanut butter puppy ice cream looks pretty good!





Camelot Cellarscamelot dog

Being a dog parent can be challenging – seeing your favorite pair of shoes all chewed up, all the hair (everywhere), and the constant need for attention. Don’t worry though, because wine’s here! Dog-friendly Camelot Cellars has an impressive collection of vintages, a great space to relax, and you can bring your pup with you too. Just you, your best friend wine, and your drinking buddy. He’ll be a hit, and get some much-deserved scratches behind the ear from Camelot patrons.



Oddfellows Liquor Bar

oddfellows dogWedged in between the Fireproof Building and its bar, the Oddfellows’ patio boasts to be “the classiest in town!” (However, it’s definitely more interesting than that.)

Crusty bikers, girls on the town, wannabe rockers, and late-night diners (trying to get some Late Night Slice), fit into the scene well, with a colorful fixed-gear cemetery of retired bikes lining the back wall. The fun, thought-out cocktails mingle with cheap beers on the drink menu, and Katalina’s provides the served food. Dogs are more than welcome, along with most everything else.


condado dog


The new addition to the Short North Arts District’s Mexican food scene, Condado recently unveiled their new patio, combining their awesome build-your-own taco concept with some much needed summer sun. A wide open patio, with spacious benches, colorful graffiti, and some slamming tacos are a great place for you and the pooch to chill out.




bodega dog


Bodega’s patio is a District mainstay and perfectly perched on High Street for the best people watching in the city. Their menu features a fun mix of crafted comfort foods and a beer list to die for. Open late, and known for some standout weekly specials ($1 grilled cheese anyone?), Bodega is perfect for you and the puppy to find a good spot and watch the city stroll by.




Northstar Cafenorthstar dog

A sacred spot for Columbus’ fit foodies, Northstar’s menu is a 101 class in making healthy, and tasty, eating. Burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, salads, and more fly out of the cafe’s busy kitchen for the Short North Arts District’s lunch rush, and the patio stays open into the night for some casual lounging about and good-for-you nibbling. Their over-sized chairs and reclined settees make for a natural space to hang, for both you and the puppy.


bakersfield dogBakersfield

Another, now well-established, taco spot in the Short North Arts District has a great patio for you and the dog. Since opening around two years ago, Bakersfield has been packed pretty much non-stop since. The menu hits all the spots with it’s authentic mix of Mexican street food and little tidbits of Midwestern comfort food. Drinks are on the money too, with a tequila bar to impress and a a revolving draft list that always leaves something to the imagination.



The Market Italian Villagemarket dog

Blending market, produce stand, cafe, and bistro, the Market Italian Village has quickly been embraced by its neighbors as a great spot for a deep breath and good conversation. The menu is inspired by rustic French and Italian cuisine, with modern cocktails, classic desserts, and espresso. The patio sits on tree lined 3rd Avenue, a quiet corner right outside the bustle of High Street.




For visitors unfamiliar with the area, the Short North Arts District is concentrated along High Street between King Avenue to the north and Nationwide Boulevard to the south. For more information on transit and parking, look here. For more information in general about the Short North Arts District, look here.


– Tyler Wilson