October is breast cancer awareness month and many local businesses are making the effort to fund awareness and research. One Short North business helping in a big way is our local Kroger. Krogers nationwide have been involved in the fight against breast cancer for years and are now partnering with top product companies to release a pink line of products. This year, a special group of Kroger team members who have battled breast cancer themselves have bravely shared their stories of hope and survival. These tales will be featured on the back of specially marked packages, including brands like Kelloggs and Cottonelle. The company hopes to raise three million dollars this year to go toward various breast cancer organizations and charities.

Cashier Gail has transferred to the Short North Kroger while her native Clintonville store is under renovation. Next to her checkout, Gail proudly displayed a box of Special K Strawberry Bars featuring her face and story. “Kroger has been very involved with the fight against breast cancer. They were so accommodating when I needed it and they really do take great, great care of their employees,” Gail said. Gail has been with Kroger for four years and says she could not imagine a better place to work as a breast cancer survivor.

With more than 180,000 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer every year, research and awareness is extremely important. Statistics say that one out of every eight American women will face this battle in their lifetime. So, head to Kroger and show your support with your favorite participating pink Kellogg’s snack, Kraft cheese, pink light bulb, Pepsi product, or a variety of other sponsoring products, along with numerous Kroger brand products. On your way to the checkout, grab a little something from the display of pink bouquets and balloons to brighten your home and help the fight against breast cancer.