The national news show, CBS Sunday Morning, featured Columbus Ohio and the Short North Arts District in their Test Market of the U.S.A episode this Sunday. Watch the five minute video to see some of your favorite Short North locations such as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, pm gallery, Sherrie Gallerie and local landmarks:




(Excerpt) – With Ohio State and dozens of other colleges, the student population here is massive, and there’s a strong international presence. It all adds up to a near-perfect cross-section of the country’s consumers.

It’s Middle America – but that doesn’t mean it’s average. “I often say if you raked America together, you’d find Columbus,” said Alex Fischer of the Columbus Partnership.

“You have this interesting blend of a funky culture – creativity, diversity – and a corporate culture that really mix it up,” Fischer said. “And I think that’s really what makes us a unique test bed, as opposed to being average.”

So if an idea can make it here, it can make it – well, you know . . .

Like Jeni’s Ice Cream, for example. Their cayenne pepper flavor is just one of the flavors tried out here. It’s a big seller.