Rebirth, rejuvenation, and reflection. For some, the new year represents a time for serious introspection and self-assessment. For others, it’s a chilly wake-up call to the fact that the journey to getting in shape for warmer weather begins now. Either way, setting a couple new goals for ourselves coming into a new year certainly isn’t something new. For those who are looking to turn a new leaf in 2016, look no further than the Short North Arts District.  


gallery faceshotThe Galleries of the Short North Arts District 
When it comes to embracing a new side of yourself and exploring what’s out there, finding and collecting art that inspires you is a great place to start. If you’re a new or seasoned arts patron, the new year is a great time to reinvigorate your collection. Eye-opening and daring, beautiful and elusive, art from the Short North galleries will enrich and engage on a level that few other outlets could possibly hope to offer. Check out the galleries here.




short north stage thrill meShort North Stage
Not about to let the visual arts get all the attention, the Garden Theater offers performance art of all sorts to challenge the mind into new ways of thinking. Once a carriage house for the fire department, a house of burlesque, and a place of worship, today the Garden is closer to home than ever, playing host to the Short North Stage. For some eye-opening performances, with a little comedy, a little horror, and more, the Short North Stage is the place to go if you wanted to spend a little less time in front of a screen this year. Check out their website here for their full performance schedule and more information.





It’s common knowledge that our health is the single greatest asset a person can have. Let the Short North Arts District give you a boost this resolution season, with some of the best names in training, diet, and yoga all a stone’s throw from one another. Get the complete package right here!

short north fitnessStaying Fit in the Short North

With state of the art equipment, dedicated and knowledgeable trainers, and a commitment to personal development, the gyms and training facilities of the Short North Arts District are here to help you achieve your health goals. With options such as Chiseled, Short North Fitness, Snap Fitness, and more, you’re sure to find the fitness option that works for you.


Yoga in the Short North

Blending both physical strength and flexibility, as well as psychological clarity and focus, there’s a reason yoga has been around for thousands of years, and has spread to most corners of the globe. The Short North Arts District is home to three yoga studios that each take a unique approach to the craft. Check out Thank Yoga, Yoga on High, and Core Power Yoga to find which hits your chakra.


native juiceNative Cold Pressed

Recently taking the city for a spin, the cold pressed juice movement has proven very popular with foodies and health fanatics alike. Why? It’s crazy tasty and crazy good for you. Put under immense pressure for extended periods of time, cold pressing ensures that no nutrients are lost from produce used to make juice. Therefore, for a refreshing jolt to your system head to Native Cold Pressed.






friends of goodaleFriends of Goodale Park
Anchoring the neighborhood in the earth, history, and as a gathering place, Goodale Park has been helping Columbus exhale and then take it all in again for a very long time. Donated to the city in the 1850s and used as a staging area for Union soldiers during the Civil War, today’s park is loved for its duck pond, tennis courts, and as home for cultural events throughout the year. This year, why not give a little love back to a park that definitely has given a lot of love to Columbus? Contact the Friends of Goodale Park for information on park cleanups and to find out how to donate.



stonewallStonewall Columbus
Stonewall covers a lot of ground for the Columbus LGBTQ population and their friends, family, and allies. While the Pride Parade and Festival is definitely their biggest affair for the year, the work they do at the Center is much more than what happens on one weekend. Stonewall offers a number of services for the LGBTQ community including legal and medical advocacy, support for LGBTQ workplace initiatives, and lecturing on the importance of tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ youth to local schools. Check here to see all the volunteer opportunities at Stonewall.




junior achievementJunior Achievement 
Junior Achievement of Central Ohio is a non-profit whose goal is to give kids a little extra help with figuring out what it means to take care of yourself in the real world and what it means to find your career. With programs covering K-12, JA starts small and continues to grow and inspire young people getting ready to make their own futures. Volunteers for the backbone of Junior Achievement and new recruits are always welcome. Click here for details.





north centralNorth Central Mental Health

What may possibly be the most selfless and most critical ways to volunteer, consider helping out at North Central Mental Health on the Suicide Prevention Hotline. The service exists solely to save lives, and offers the opportunity to lend support to those in need. Contact North Central Mental Health Services at 299-6600 #2073 for information and registration for their spring training schedule for their Suicide Prevention volunteer services.




– Tyler Wilson

Cover photo: Bailey Lytle