peace love pearlsLeAnne Absalom reclines in a white satin settee and chuckles to herself, “you can’t exactly call it a meeting space when there’s champagne in the back, can you? It’s definitely not just a store  either. I prefer the girl cave.”

It’s easy to get why. From the bolts of silk and fresh botanicals filling in the window display, the soft palates of the art works, to the cornucopia of glittering jewels along the walls, display tables, and cabinets, the main showroom of Peace + Love + Bling shines with a feminine energy that’s hard to match, both in terms of the products the store has to sell and the stories behind them.

A certified fair trade vendor, Peace + Love + Bling takes the craftsmanship of their pieces very seriously. “When you walk into our store, you’re only going to see real pieces,” Absalom said. “This means real stones, real pearls, whole metals, the works… We work directly with artisans, small collectives who are producing these pieces and make sure that they are getting the true value of their products and we are getting the highest quality materials we can find, while still maintaining relationships and helping communities.”

peace love greenWorking together with Amethyst and the Godman Guild (both local non-profits) Peace + Love + Bling also spends much of their efforts developing local talent as well. They source Columbus artisans from organizations that provide community and comprehensive family development, as well donating 20% of all monthly profits to a yearly rotation of Columbus based charitable foundations.

Absalom shares nothing but excitement for their store opening to the Short North Arts District. “We’ve already got a little family here,” she says of her fellow Lincoln Avenue tenants Marcia Evans of Marcia Evans Gallery, and Sharon Weiss of Sharon Weiss Gallery.

Absalom hopes the space will also transcend the traditional relationship between seller and customer. “We’ve already started getting groups of friends who like coming here after work, having champagne, and having a comfortable space to chat, debate, catch up, whatever feels good,” she said.

peace love senator tevaresRecently hosting Senator Charleta Tavares (D-OH15) for an open discussion on workplace accommodation for pregnant workers with local business owners, it’s safe to assume that Peace + Love + Bling won’t find this transition a hard one, champagne included.

– Tyler Wilson