t davidRecently unveiling its new in-store menswear shop, well known home store T. David Collection talks Samson, direction, and style.  

Tom Crumley, of the Short North Arts District’s T. David Collection, sits behind his desk looking as comfortable as anyone in their own home. Antique prints hang behind him above an impeccably stocked midcentury bar. Leaning comfortably against an antique drafting lamp, racks of simple, comfortable men’s button downs behind him, Travis Samson of Samson laughs as he and Tom try to remember exactly how their recent partnership came to fruition.

“It wasn’t something that was immediate really, for either of us,” said Samson. “I had known Tom for a while and had been coming in for some time, with the thought of my own store in the back of my head, but nothing set in stone.”

Crumley continues, “We had known each other for a couple years, and Travis came to me and asked for advice on opening up a store, how the business side of things would play out, until one day I called him and suggested we create a partnership. His side of things was more clothing, skincare, more emporium-oriented… whereas I would provide the furniture and home goods to create a [complete] men’s lifestyle outlet.”

samsonThe furnishings at T. David are wonderfully uncomplicated, with a focus on craftsmanship and restoration rather than embellishment. Dark woods, soft leathers, and a nod to classic style steer the aesthetic to an easy timelessness of good taste and good living.

The addition of Samson’s lines further enrich this picture. Well kept flannels and high-quality denim pepper the store, as well as great grooming kits and lots of good basics, all the way down to socks. Here, it’s about finding what works, what feels good, and building on it.

With its classic looks and sturdy construction, the new T. David and Samson seem to be doing just that. “Shopping here feels like you’re in someone’s living room,” Crumley said. “It’s comfortable, it’s nice, but it isn’t showy or pretentious, exactly what I think a lot people would like home to be.”

– Tyler Wilson