We love our families, our friends, our sweethearts, our kids, our pets, this food, that movie. Love is one of the few things that, in any form, you can’t have too much of.

For health and happiness, it’s important that you love where you live, work, and play, and the Short North Arts District has love to spare. We spoke to business owners, managers, and employees about what they love, personally, about the District.

The Short North LOVES…


The Short North Arts District is a supportive family of unique characters that embody the whole being greater because of the sum of its parts. As Duff Lindsay of Lindsay Gallery said, “There are lots of galleries with very different kinds of art, and different owners, but we all feel like we’re a part of something larger.”

“It’s neighborly, even if that sounds nerdy!” said Stephanie of Philco Bar + Diner.

“You get to know the other business’ employees and they get to know you. They become familiar faces,” said Jordan of Native Cold Pressed.

“You see the same faces on a daily or weekly basis, so you get to form relationships with them,” said Ally from Laughlin’s Bakery.

The Short North LOVES…


Though there are many ways to get yourself to the Short North Arts District, many people agree: once you’re here, the walkability and accessibility of the District is part of what makes it special.

Nile of Hai Poke said, “The Short North has stuff going on that you can just walk to. It’s a great neighborhood to take a stroll and decide where to eat or where to shop.”

Travis of Samson Men’s Emporium said, “You don’t have to leave [the Short North]. Gifts, chocolates, flowers, clothing, jewelry, cocktails, fancy dinner – or not so fancy – we have it all. I love the romanticism of a walking district and the old times of window shopping, versus driving and spending time indoors in a mall.”

The District certainly has an atmosphere separate from the rest of Columbus – one that is “quaint, historic, [and] kind of cute,” as Tony from Paradise Garage Bicycles said.

For an extra special date night, begin by simply walking around in the District. “I love the Golden Hour here, around 5:30pm-ish,” said Madeline from Ladybird. “It’s real magical.”

The Short North LOVES…


Whether you’re making a stop at a District business on the way to your home in the neighborhood or visiting the city for the first time, we’re glad to see you in the Short North Arts District.

“The diversity of people and customers on a regular basis is awesome,” said Mick from One Line Coffee. “We can have real culture.”

“I love the diversity of customers. Around-the-corner shoppers, people visiting for a convention, plus familiar faces,” said Stephanie from Jolie Occasions.

“I love being part of a neighborhood of businesses so invested in inclusivity. While you can see it in the merchandise offered and the door and window decals, it’s a real privilege to hear business owners actually discussing how to better serve and welcome all communities,” said Beth of On Paper.

“The people are supportive of diversity [of people and businesses]. They want to shop local…and I love all the dogs,” said Laura from Red Giraffe Designs.

“I love meeting visitors from other cities and countries that come in to the store and rave about Columbus and all the Short North has to offer,” said Lindsay of Rocket Fizz. “They are pleasantly surprised by this awesome city of ours!”

“From the people, to the shops, restaurants, all of the festivals … the culture of the Short North feels inclusive, hip, and artistic. [We] loved having the Pride festival in the Short North for many years,” said Megan of Emi Pet.

“We love the LGBT and thriving arts communities,” said Tori of phia salon.

The Short North LOVES…


There’s no doubt about it – the Short North Arts District has experienced the most incredible, organic growth around, and it’s all the better for it.

“It’s unique to be downtown in a city like this,” said Cass of Happy Go Lucky Home + Her.

“All the shops are different – no two are alike, and it’s ever-changing” said Stephanie of Jolie Occasions. “It’s fun to just walk up and down [High Street] and see what’s going on or what’s being built. You never know what to expect.”


– Ann Faris