🎨: Cody Heichel at Brandt-Roberts Galleries


Art lovers are invited to take a self-guided tour as August welcomes new exhibitions from local galleries including Brandt-Roberts Galleries, Emergent Art + Craft, Studios on High Gallery, and Sean Christopher Gallery. Scroll down to learn more about each exhibitions, gallery hours and more!


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Artist: Cody Heichel

Brandt-Roberts Galleries

Brandt-Roberts Galleries presents “FIND ME IF YOU CAN: New Works by Cody Heichel”. Observation skills are imperative for an artist painting from life. Generally observing one’s surroundings begins within their homes/studios, and over time, can move inward and to imagined places. In Heichel’s newest body of work, the painting subjects take on a duality. Domestic scenes naturally materialize from Heichel, since being contained to a repetitive world oftentimes defines parenthood. However, fictional and made-up dwellings also emerge as the artist naturally departs from what is tethered in front of him. Gazing through windows and walking his property, he began to construct non-existent bodies of water, architectural structures, and pendant trees. This duality is further enhanced by Heichel balancing the revered role of young father to two toddlers, while continuing to explore new ideas and aspirations as an artist.

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Artist: Susanna Harris

Emergent Art + Craft

Emergent Art + Craft presents Susanna Harris, a Columbus-based, interdisciplinary artist working in print media, installation, and photography. Her work is situated at the intersection of resilience in environmental destruction and through the human condition. Susanna’s work will be on display from August 5 through August 31.

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Artist: Andrea Myers

Hammond Harkins Galleries

Please join Hammond Harkins Galleries for a group show featuring artists Laura Alexander, Paul Hamilton, Amanda Love, Aminah Robinson, Karen Snouffer, Carol Stewart, and Joan Wobst.

During the August Gallery Hop, Andrea Myers exhibition, “And so the sky softly unfolds”, will also be on display. Myers is known for colorful abstract works that reference nature, atmospheric, and perceptual phenomena. Though she uses the format of painting and is engaged with the elements of art like a painter, fabric is her medium. She sews together strips of color like brushstrokes, while maintaining the fabric’s associations with craft and all it insinuates: mending, care, domesticity, and the time taken in that realm. This new series highlights horizontal stitching and evokes everything that is ordered around the horizon: water, sky, and land simultaneously. The effect is what we see on a bright summer day, our eyes reading light as it bounces off moving water, hits the undersides of clouds, or rakes through a window. Stop in, experience this perfect summer exhibition, and see how a sunny day can shift how things are seen.

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Artist : Annette Poitau

Marcia Evans Gallery

Marcia Evans Gallery presents Annette Poitau’s show of “Environmental Abstracts”. This is Annette’s 11th show at the gallery featuring calming and energizing organic abstract images representing the earth.

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Artist: Griselda San Martin

Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art

As part of FotoFocus biennial, CMA presents “I Hear America Singing: Contemporary Photography from America at the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art.” Encompassing more than 100 photographic projects at participating venues across Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Columbus, the 2022 FotoFocus biennial is presented under the theme of World Record. The theme considers photography’s extensive record of life on earth, humankind’s impact on the natural world, and the choices we now face as a global community.

Curated by Ashley Lumb, “I Hear America Singing” was originally conceived for the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan, where it was presented in 2021. Using a variety of formats and approaches, the sixteen photographers in this exhibition challenge the monolithic concept of American identity to highlight the diversity of lived experiences in the United States. Featured artists include Matthew Brandt, Mercedes Dorame, Lucas Foglia, Wen-Hang Lin, Michael Lundgren, Alex Maclean, Griselda San Martin, Pamela Pecchio, David Benjamin Sherry, Xaviera Simmons, For Freedoms, Greg Stimac, Millee Tibbs, Wendel White, and William Wilson.

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Spend $5 or more in the Short North Arts District within 24 hours and show your receipt for complimentary admission!

Artist: Julia Hamilton

Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio

Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio presents “Julia Hamilton: The Time Between” with their second Meet the Artist Public Reception on August 6 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Hamilton’s exhibit will continue through August 27 during regular gallery hours or by appointment.

Hamilton, a Columbus-based artist and Columbus College of Art and Design alumni (MFA 2019, Fine Arts) is exhibiting twelve paintings plus a room sized painted 3-D glass block installation. All artworks in the exhibit were completed or started during the pandemic. The sculptural ‘workstation-type’ installation is an ongoing work-in-progress for as long as COVID-19 continues to be so much worse than the flu in terms of deaths and hospitalizations. The amount of acrylic pen “dots” on each glass block corresponds with the number of COVID-19 deaths per each given month in the U.S..

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Artist: Jim Murrin

Sharon Weiss Gallery

Sharon Weiss Gallery presents a Salon Exhibit of favorite SWG artists at 20 E, Lincoln St.. Stop by their 12, 20 & 24 E. Lincoln St. galleries during Gallery Hop as well!

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Artist: Antonio Gonzalez-Garcia

Studios on High Gallery

Antonio Gonzalez-Garcia’s show will present 15 new works showcasing the various artistic processes the artist has explored during the 2022 period. In this time of exploration, Mr. Gonzalez-Garcia has been seeking a new approach to create a progressive body of work, “non finito” or unfinished. Some of the pieces are sketches while others are a bit more ambitious. A majority of the work is watercolor, in addition to a gouache and a charcoal-graphite drawing. 

The theme of this show mixes paintings rendered in situ (from life) and others rendered from the artist’s photographs. The sketch of Gregory, a homeless man with diabetes the artist saw on High Street, talks about honoring the humanity in all of us. The fishermen sewing the net highlights the philosophy of the Almadraba fishing technique from Spain, which uses an environmentally responsible approach to capture adult tuna. Pirates Night refers to everyday moments we can experience again in the company of friends, thanks to the lifting of COVID. Through this eclectic mix of themes, the complex thinking of the artist is revealed, including everything that attracts him and that he wants to share.

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