This year, beloved Short North Arts District gallery Brandt-Roberts Gallery celebrates 10 years of beautiful contemporary and post-war art; local, regional, and national artists of varying styles and mediums; and diverse art-loving clients. We spoke with gallerist Michelle Brandt about this notable milestone, the coinciding exhibition, and what the next 10 years hold.

For TEN: A Decade of BRG, some artists created 10×10″ works, while others subtly incorporated the number 10 into their works to celebrate the gallery’s 10th anniversary. How and when did you conceive of celebrating this milestone in this way?

We started thinking about the 10th Anniversary show sometime in 2019. We wanted the pomp and circumstance of an anniversary celebration, but strive to always first make it about the art; therefore, the TEN exhibition idea started percolating. Then the pandemic hit, and the exhibition became even more important due to the fact that we wouldn’t be celebrating with a party. I have great admiration for what our artists do, and they did not disappoint with how they interpreted Ten.

How long did artists have to create the works they’re exhibiting in this show? 

Approximately 6 months.

What are the most profound lessons you’ve learned in your 10 years operating this gallery?  

Creativity and drive flourishes in so many artists. Like so many of us, sometimes they just need a bit of encouragement and understanding! The gallery thrives best when the artists and I are partners. This doesn’t mean we always agree. Rather, there’s an understanding of what I need and what they need at any given time, and there’s often a meeting in the middle.

What is your best/favorite memory related to the gallery?

It’s more a montage of memories full of fantastic art, interesting clients, and, oftentimes, eccentric artists! It’s the people of the gallery I am most fond of in this role. This was true ten years ago, and still resonates today.

What are you looking forward to for the next 10 years?  

I’m looking forward to taking more risks. I’ve faced a lot the last few years, so fear is not something that will hinder my decisions going forward. I’ll inevitably have some misses, but without them, I’ll likely not get to where I’m motivated to go.

Brandt-Roberts Galleries is located at 642 N. High St and is open for Short North Safe visits on Friday through Sunday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and by appointment Monday through Thursday. TEN: A Decade of BRG will be on view in the gallery through November 1, and can be viewed virtually here.

For information about all the galleries in the Short North Arts District, visit the Art by Appointment page to schedule private appointments or stop by to explore.