Amidst the heart of the 900 block in the Short North Arts District sits one of its more well-known residents: Happy Go Lucky Home & Her. Happy Go Lucky Home began on the opposite side of High Street when it first opened in 2009, but jumped at the opportunity to expand both its offerings and store size. Though the stores have inhabited a shared space since the initial move, they recently underwent a revamp, which may make them appear foreign to regulars. It may be arranged differently, but the products for sale retain the same style and quirkiness as always.

On the Home side, cacti tower over pewter bird’s legs and fur-covered benches while cute pillows and yarn dolls welcome visitors to stay as long as they like. They may stay a long time, too, as the store has an endless amount of items to look at and purchase, and nearly everything, while appearing as store decor, has a price tag. The furniture is fully customizable as well. For local interior designers or for anyone wanting to create their perfect living space that will last forever, Home has the people to speak to.

On the Her side, shoppers will find the same excitement in the women’s clothing. Timeless pieces that aren’t just on trend but pair with everything hang around, never going out of style.”You’re gonna find some basics here, but mainly you’re gonna find really fun stand-out pieces,” said Cass Neimeth-Lazar, manager of Happy Go Lucky Her.

Neimeth-Lazar is the niece of the store’s owner, Debbie Neimeth, who moved her creation from Philadelphia to Columbus in 2009. Choosing the Short North Arts District as Happy Go Lucky’s new home was a “no-brainer, based on [Neimeth’s] vision for the store,” said Neimeth-Lazar. Indeed, the store fits right in; “people have said that they feel like they’re in an art store because of the sheer amount of things to look at in the space,” Neimeth-Lazar said.

This feedback is amongst the best for the Happy Go Lucky staff, who would like to change the stigma that surrounds boutique shops. It’s easy to believe all boutiques have limited sizes and price points that are consistent throughout the storefront. However, this does not apply to Happy Go Lucky, as fantastic styles range from sizes 0 to 18, and high-quality Italian pieces are displayed mere feet away from staples within a college student’s budget.

“We try to make it a store where you and your mom can stop in,” Neimeth-Lazar said. She emphasizes that she and her staff truly want every person that comes into the store to feel welcome. “The biggest misconception we get is how you could pick up one item and it could be $500.00 – but literally there’s going to be another item on that same rack that’s $25.00.” All of the associates know the different price points, so explaining your price range is a great place to start.

Neimeth-Lazar said when customers come in to shop and ask her where they should go to next, she’s ecstatic to answer. She loves The Rossi for its nice atmosphere and quality menu, On Paper for its beautiful curation, and Artisan De Luxe for its well-bought, pretty selection. She also loves the great customer service and friendliness she receives at places like Pursuit and Hai Poke. “Here [in the Short North], people shake your hand, introduce themselves, tell you their name. That’s small businesses for you.”

In addition to an in-person shopping experience, about 80% of Happy Go Lucky’s items can also be found on its online store, and it even offers free pickup. Simply pay for your items online and, usually within the hour, you can drive up to the storefront and staff will deliver your purchases to you.

Whether you’re a longtime customer or a new shopper to Happy Go Lucky, mark your calendars for their Sympli Style Spring 2018 Fashion Event, featuring clothing from one of its most versatile brands. Come and see new Sympli Spring items worn on relatable, everyday bodies in a fashion show, then shop for what you just saw along with the rest 0f the brand’s Spring collection. It’s normal for stores including Happy Go Lucky to order around 10 styles from a brand to hang up for sale, so this event is a special treat where attendees will get to shop Sympli’s entire Spring collection and place special orders for themselves. All clothing, which Neimeth-Lazar lauds for its ability to stay unwrinkled, can be ordered in 30 different fabric choices.


– Ann Faris