A new floral design studio has established itself in the District just in time for patrons to start their Spring decorating. Lagom Floral Gallery, which specializes in creating “whimsical, unique, and seasonally-inspired floral art” and was previously owned by Steven Cox as his eponymously-named flower boutique, was purchased by longtime employee and first-time business owner Kit Lathrop, who has since made the business her own. We spoke with Lathrop about what inspired her to pursue floral design, what makes Lagom unique, and what she’s most looking forward to for the future of the business.

During college, Lathrop worked part time at a traditional flower shop to make some extra money. This ended up being a good fit for her since she had grown up around her grandmother’s love for floral design and landscaping. She had originally studied education in college, but it wasn’t until she had the opportunity to help with the flower arrangements for her grandmother’s funeral that she realized she was much happier when she was working hands-on with beautiful, natural products. “I just wasn’t super happy in the job I had chosen, so I kind of branched out and decided to take the floral route,” Lathrop said.

After taking the time to hone her craft at FlowerSchool New York, an institution that offers floral design programs and workshops, Lathrop came back to Columbus to work alongside Steven Cox at his floral design studio. She has since become the sole owner of the studio, which she renamed Lagom Floral Gallery (pronounced “‘lɑ̂ːɡɔm,” a Swedish term meaning “not too little, not too much”). Lathrop described the business transition as being smooth and quiet so far, one that has mostly involved her having to switch from Cox’s style of floral design to her own unique style. She’s already familiar with the District and its patrons, especially the loyal clients that have stuck with the business through its transition. However, it’s been interesting for her to refamiliarize herself from the perspective of a new business owner. She’s also enjoyed getting to know some of the other new business owners who have recently joined the District. 

Fresh floral design is what makes up most of the arrangements created at Lagom Floral Gallery, but they also do special orders of dried floral arrangements, which last longer than fresh ones. Lathrop describes their approach to floral design as a bit less traditional, since they try to maintain a consistent variety of designs by switching up the color palette each week. She also prefers to collaborate with local flower farms in order to source their product as sustainably as possible. “I’m always looking for the most unique, in-season blooms that are available,” Lathrop said.

The studio isn’t open to the public as of right now, but delivery and curbside pickup of their beautiful arrangements is being offered. They are allowing some clients into the studio by appointment, so in order to ensure a Short North Safe experience for those visiting, masks are worn at all times and social distancing is encouraged. They’re looking forward to opening the studio up to the public when it becomes safer for everyone.

As far as the future of Lagom Floral Gallery goes, Lathrop is excited to explore the different mediums through which she can express her love for floral design. Floral art installations, for example, are something that could potentially become a part of the gallery in the future. “I think there’s a lot to explore with that, and I feel like it’s an area that isn’t quite tapped into in Columbus yet,” she said. Similar to the creative ways flowers can be used to transform an environment, Lathrop is looking to transform the Columbus floral design scene.

Lagom Floral Gallery is located at 1198 N. High St and is open for delivery and curbside pickup.