About: JOB OPENING – Global Gifts

Global Gifts seeks a full-time manager to operate a fair trade retail store in the Short North District of Columbus, Ohio. An ideal candidate will have at least 3 years retail management experience, will have the skills and passion to develop a team dedicated to customer service, will be goal oriented, and will be ready to take on new challenges. In addition, the ideal candidate will:

• Be able to demonstrate past success in their work.

• Have excellent communication and people skills and enjoy working with a diverse group of paid staff, volunteers, and students.

• Be oriented toward meeting sales goals and able to create and follow a work plan.

• Be able to work creatively with limited resources.

• Be able to work weekends and evenings.

• Be able to promote Global Gifts in the community through speaking engagements, in-store events, and social media.

• Provide great customer service and model professionalism for staff and volunteers. Manager job responsibilities include:

• Sales, customer service, and creative thinking around how to increase sales. • Ordering and inventory management of merchandise.

• Ordering and maintaining support supplies and equipment necessary for the operation of the store (i.e. cleaning supplies, computer and other electronic equipment upkeep, lighting fixtures in good working order, . . .).

• Scheduling staff, and volunteers to ensure store is fully covered at all times.

• Creating, changing, and maintaining attractive merchandise displays within Global Gifts’ visual merchandising guidelines.

• Regular processing of funds and providing regular financial reports to bookkeeper and executive director.

• Regular recruitment and training of volunteers with an emphasis on creating opportunity for volunteers to support the store based on their skills and interests.

• Maintaining a high level of professionalism among store staff and volunteers. Redirecting staff and volunteers as needed.

• Hiring, training, and managing part-time support staff.

• Organizing and promoting regular events designed to increase store traffic and purchases.

• Coordinating and communicating with other Global Gifts stores in the areas of best practices, inventory management, and events.

• Other duties as needed.

Other Information This position reports to the executive director and will work in partnership with other Global Gifts stores and operations. The position comes with health and retirement benefits and a friendly work environment. The manager can expect to work weekends on a regular basis. Extended store hours occur seasonally. Global Gifts, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, is Indiana and Ohio’s largest fair trade organization, operates five retail stores and has a significant online presence. Send cover letter and resume to hiring@globalgiftsft.com