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About: The Optical. Co

In their time, the local Optician was the master craftsman of vision. With the tools of the trade they provide the gift of vision to their community. Through the years, we have seen the rise of mass production and the acceptance of poor quality standards, resulting in the slow extinction of the local Optician, our expert craftsman.

The Optical. Co was born to bring high quality eyewear and well crafted vision back to the community at the most affordable price. They believe that the clarity of your vision is directly related to the quality of your lenses. They believe everyone deserves great vision and everyone deserves this vision crafted in a quality frame of their style. They believe that vision is our most delicate and important sense and they respect the fact that every person’s vision is different, therefore they understand that every person’s eyewear must be different as well. They believe that your vision should be crafted by a skilled Optician, not mass manufactured.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Optical. Co celebrates the their ancestors, The Optician, by staying committed to the visual, social, and environmental good of the community.

Welcome to The Optical. Co – where vision is crafted, not manufactured.