At this year’s Columbus Arts Festival, the Short North Arts District will be featuring an installation by ROY G BIV Gallery artist Samantha Parker Salazar. The District will also have a few great gifts for you or a loved one at the booth.


Samantha Parker Salazar is an experimental artist with a traditional background that translates into the craftsmanship of her work. She tends to balance on the edge between research-driven and stream-of-consciousness production.  

She creates installations in a variety of media, but paper materials tend to dominate her work. In the past, installations have used any combination of painted or printed elements, with the resulting piece is unique in its approach. For the Columbus Arts Festival, Samantha will be featuring an installation composed of a maelstrom — a swirling whirlpool— of purple to green shades of paper overhead, with points of tension and release marked by neon green lines.

The inspiration for Samantha’s work is always changing.

“I think as an artist, it is important to just keep looking and surprising yourself visually,” Samantha said. “Right now, I am interested in European folk patterns, Colonial and Native textiles, and artists like Judy Pfaff, Mark Dion, and Ryan McGinness, but the list goes on and on. I also draw a lot of inspiration from writers such as Emily Dickinson and Marcel Proust.”

Stop by the Short North Arts District booth at the Columbus Arts Festival to see the installation ROY G BIV Gallery artist Samantha has created. Visitors will be able to take photos in front of a replica of the Short North Gothic, one of the District’s most beloved murals.

In addition to this special installation, the Short North Alliance will also have information on the Short North Arts District galleries, boutiques, and small businesses. Visit the booth to find out more about the neighborhood and purchase Short North Arts District throwback t-shirts designed by HOMAGE, custom-designed District map messenger bags, and artist coffee mugs from Joseph Editions.

Continue your arts experience even after you leave the the Columbus Arts Festival by heading to the Short North Arts District galleries. To make the trip quick and easy, catch the free CBUS circulator that will take you from downtown to the District. Click here for a downloadable map of the galleries.