Alibi Art Series // Change Maker’s – Make and Mend

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Whoever said that art, sustainability, and fashioned couldn’t get along? In our latest Art Series event we’re going to combine some of our favorite pastimes with some of our dearest values.

For this Art Series, we will be customizing gently used totes and apparel with stencils, stamps, and paints provided by Maker’s Mark.

Libations for the evening will feature honey sustainably sourced from our local apiary, Orchard Lane Apiary, as well as wood chips repurposed from Maker’s Mark Private Select staves, and fresh herbs from the Maker’s Mark community garden here in Columbus. In addition to a few small giveaways throughout the night, each attendee will also recieve their own jar of Orchard Lane honey to take home.

Crafting is hard work! We’ll make sure to keep some lights snacks on hand to keep your creative juices flowing.