Andrew Wood and Kara Gut at ROY G BIV

6:00 pm - 2:30 pm


ROY G BIV will be featuring the works of Andrew Wood and Kara Gut for the month of October!

Andrew Wood will exhibit getting_on-off.expressway, a combination of sculpture, performance and drawing made from a medley of archetypal characters, autobiography, and veiled references, all of which work in tandem to flesh out a narrative. Wood’s work functions as both passive installation and something that is activated through performance, where documentation and cross-discipline collaging offers the potential for past work to resurface in new projects.

Kara Gut will exhibit ESC, an installation using image, screen based media and sculptural elements to explore the necessity of certain digital spaces, with a particular interest in subverting the patriarchal conversation within them. Gut’s multidisciplinary work investigates the new shape of human intimacy formed by internet lifestyle, constructed detachment from reality, and the power dynamics of the virtual.

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