Art on the Brain

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Art on the Brain

Group conversation and interpretation of contemporary art can challenge and enrich the thinking and feeling mind on a variety of levels. Art on the Brain guides individuals living with brain/mind trauma (TBI, cancer fog, PTSD, stroke, etc.), as well as their loved ones or good friends, as they explore art across the disciplines. The focus of this program is not highlighting injury or deficit but rather noticing and celebrating present and reemerging strengths. It’s a fun way to get out and make new friends who have perhaps had similar experiences.

This is a multivisit program, so please try to join us each week for the duration of the class. Participants should be past the acute phase of their recovery and able to travel to the Wex. Note: there will not be a session on October 12. For questions or to register, contact Tracie McCambridge at (614) 292-6982 or


Lead support for Art on the Brain is provided by the Harold C. Schott Foundation.

Significant support is provided by Mr. and Mrs. William P. Ramsey.

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