Clyde Mays Cocktail Showdown at Mouton

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The five competitors will do cocktail service for three judges who will choose between classic whiskey cocktails (which recipes will be provided for the competitors in advance). This is a timed speed round which will be worth 40% of your final score. At this time you will also be presenting your original cocktail for the judges which will make up 60% of your final score.

And it’s not over yet..

The top two scores from the first round will go head-to-head presenting a secret weapon “one rule” cocktail. The only rule is that the base spirit must be Clyde Mays whiskey or bourbon. It must also be inspired by the Clyde Mays brand history. Other than that there are no rules, that’s right, no rules as many ingredients, tools, fire, infusions, homemade anything, it’s all up to you!

You will not have to submit your secret weapon cocktail until the day of competition.

1st prize: $300
2nd prize: $150
Speed round winner: $50

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