Earth Week At TownHall Short North

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Earth Week is a time to celebrate the planet we call home and to promote sustainable living. At Townhall, we are excited to be part of this movement and to share our passion for healthy, delicious food. Throughout the week, we will be giving away seeds for you to take home and plant, as well as hosting special pop-up events that highlight the importance of sustainable practices.

In addition to these activities, we will also be providing daily samples of some of our most popular menu items. On Monday, kick off the week with a refreshing turmeric shot. Tuesday, enjoy a warm and nourishing bone broth. On Wednesday, try our Leg Day Smoothie. Thursday, recharge with a bulletproof beverage, and on Friday, indulge in our Earth Bites, a delicious and healthy snack.


We look forward to celebrating Earth Week with you and our community at Townhall. Let’s come together to show our appreciation for the planet and make a positive impact on the environment!