Ellen Xu and Kyle Downs at ROY G BIV

7:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Ellen (Jing) Xu’s multimedia installation will transform the gallery into the artist’s own dreamscape. As an interdisciplinary artist, Xu will use sculpture, video and drawing to discuss ideas about gender expression and queerness. Xu relies on humor, absurdity and eye-catching color to immerse the viewer in work that is open and intimate, in the hopes that it will spur openness from the viewer in return.
Kyle Downs is a multimedia artist whose practice occupies a broad spectrum­– from sculpture to video, to performance. Often time based, and marked by his physical occupation of a space, Downs’s work is typically a reaction to his surroundings. Previous projects have explored disassemblage and the resurgence of nature in ecosystems impacted by mining.

The closing artist talk will occur February 25 at 2:30pm.

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