Against The Grain – The Art of Patrick Wayner

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Against The Grain - Patrick WaynerRivet welcomes Columbus artist Patrick Wayner for his solo exhibition titled Against The Grain. This show will feature 3D art created using a scroll saw, in addition to a variety of wood working tools. All patterns being hand-cut and independently applied as well as color and hand-brushed line work were applied using multiple mediums.

Artist and Opening Reception will be held on Gallery Hop on Saturday, June 6 from 7-10pm.

The exhibition will be on display through June 30.

Contact Rivet with any interest in the artwork or additional information about the artist/exhibition.



While evolution is defined as change in heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations, evolution of experience is a uniquely personal process, provoking change in both languid and rapid increments within a single lifetime.

As an artist, I’m continually evaluating my life and art, keeping what serves me and discarding the rest. As human beings, our ever-changing personal experiences instigate the need for constant self-editing. In this series, I explore the concept of evolution of experience through fragmented layers of pattern, shape, line, and color. As each life experience builds personal character, the physical experience builds each artistic character. These pieces illustrate the inherent struggle of coming into being. The animals represented here demonstrate the minutia of decision-making and the resulting sense of achievement, maturity, balance, and autonomy all beings obtain from living through the process.

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