Joey Monsoon Exhibition Opening

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Joey Monsoon returns with a series of portraits, refocused both in scale and subject. Monsoon states, “I am perpetually trying to refine the economy of composition within my paintings, isolating the figure and its gaze from any specific environment or attire.”

His signature figures gaze out from his paintings, engaging the viewer with new dynamism. Their assertive eyes shift the paradigm of viewer and subject. The relationship is now more mutual and it is Monsoon’s hope that the viewer feels this returned gaze and in turn absorbs the strength of the figures he depicts.

The imperfections of his subjects are made material in the painterly marks upon their faces and chests. Subtle shifts in color, tone, and line are signifiers of an artist who relishes the material of his craft. By embracing the imperfect, he reveals what truly makes us human.

In his own words:
“These paintings, and the practice of painting in general, teach me about struggle and triumph. Each painting is a microcosm of discipline and experimentation, self-doubt and self-confidence, frustration and elation.”

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