Karma Tashi Tsering Exhibit at Global Gifts

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Global Gifts is pleased to host an exhibition of art work by Karma Tashi Tsering from April 1-April 22, 2022. Visit our Fair Trade nonprofit shop, located at 682 N. High St. in the Short North Arts District to experience a collection of Karma Tashi Tsering’s unique pieces. All artwork will be available for purchase at Global Gifts. For more information about the art and artist, visit: https://windhorsepainting.com/

Artist Bio:
I grew up in Bir, a small Tibetan refugee camp in the Himalayan region in northern India. After my mother’s death, I decided to move to the United States and landed in Chicago in November 2011. From there, I moved to New York City, worked in restaurants for three years and then life took me to Columbus, Ohio. Columbus has given me many wonderful opportunities to advance my education, including an Associate degree in Computer Science from Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and also to continue on a Bachelor’s in Information Technology at Franklin University. Being in Columbus has allowed me to work with and get to know people from many backgrounds. I am grateful for all the experiences and for the people who have inspired me.

While working at CSCC, I took a class in Digital Painting. I immediately fell in love with making art. I am amazed at the possibilities to express my imagination through my artwork and I am extremely fascinated by how the composition of texture, pattern and additional layers of colors make the artwork come alive.

I named my site Windhorse Painting because in my Tibetan culture the Windhorse is a symbol of good luck. It is frequently portrayed on prayer flags, the purpose of which is to spread blessings to all on the wind. I hope my paintings bring joy, connection and comfort.



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