As We Knew It – Works By Chris Austin

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Rivet presents AS WE KNEW ITWorks by Chris Austin.

AS WE KNEW IT explores the significant impact mankind has had on our environment and the effects of global warming through paintings and sculpture. This exhibition touches on the human relationship with mother nature and its impacts on the past, present and future.

Is this a glimpse into the not so distant future? A dream? A utopia? Will things get better? Will they get worse? What is to come?

Only time will tell, nobody knows. But what we can be sure of is that life will never be AS WE KNEW IT.

Please join us in welcoming Canadian artist Chris Austin Art- Reclaimed Surfaces at the artist opening reception on Saturday, October 1 from 7-10pm during the Short North Arts District Gallery Hop.

Exhibition will be on display October 1 through October 26.

Contact Rivet with any questions regarding the exhibition work or artist.

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