Mark Gingerich Villages & Homesteads Opening Reception at Brandt-Roberts Galleries

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Join Brandt-Roberts Galleries for the opening reception of Ohio-based artist Mark Gingerich’s annual solo exhibition of new work, “Villages & Homesteads: Honoring the Ohio Landscape.” Though Ohio has been the subject of Gingerich’s work throughout his career, this exhibition will be the first to focus solely on depictions of Ohio’s varied landscapes, providing a contemplative meditation on place and time.

Ranging from pastoral farms to small town streets, Gingerich scouts for his subject matter until he finds a sense of visual harmony in repeating colors and patterns of light. The resulting compositions offer an intimate glimpse at how the artist’s trained eye works. Scenes that we may find commonplace and even overlook are animated and renewed by Gingerich’s impressionistic brushwork and palette knife markings. The works deftly balance the artist’s clarity of vision and bold expressive sensibility. Observing landscapes throughout different seasons allows Gingerich to continue his ongoing study of light and its ability to transform place. A warm atmospheric quality ties together the paintings which seem to be bathed in an ethereal light.

The exhibition is on view through December 31st.

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