Melissa Yes Opening Reception at Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Join artist Melissa Yes for the public opening reception of her exhibition RELAY during Holiday Hop.

A relay (n) is:

  1. a group of people or animals engaged in a task or activity for a fixed time and then replaced by a similar group.
  2. an electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet, that is activated by a current or signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit.

3… a device to receive, reinforce, and retransmit a broadcast or program.

  1. a message or program transmitted by a relay.

RELAY by Melissa Yes is an exhibition of devices that relay events and signals that have been rebroadcast over a seemingly endless history of repetitions. In this collection of new sculpture and video work, Yes attempts to reverse-engineer the connections that link cosmic-scale sagas to closer, more intimate narratives. Sadness, humor, and critique coexist in these signals which are retransmitted from the laws of physics, religious and mythological stories, popular culture, social movements, and everyday life.

Yes was born in Texarkana, Texas and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. She received an MFA from Ohio State University in 2017, preceded by a B.S. (biology) and B…F.A. (fine art) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, where she is a resident artist at Second Sight Project.

RELAY will be available through January 27 at Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio.  Mark your calendars – an additional reception will be held January 6.  More details to come.

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