Monkey Business (Howard Hawks, 1952)

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Monkey Business (Howard Hawks, 1952) 

Introduced by Schawn Belston, Senior Vice President, Library and Technical Services, 20th Century Fox

4K Restoration

Cinema Revival: A Festival of Film Restoration

Winter/Spring 2018 Preview

A reworking of his screwball classic Bringing Up Baby, Howard Hawks’s Monkey Business stars Cary Grant as a mild-mannered scientist working on an anti-aging elixir. When a chimpanzee breaks loose in the lab and remixes the chemicals, anarchy ensues for all who take the formula including Grant, who suddenly can’t resist his boss’s secretary, played by Marilyn Monroe! (97 mins., 4K DCP)

Restored by 20th Century Fox.

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