Mural Talk with Artist Ruth Ann Mitchell

4:00 pm


Visit Studios on High and listen to Artist Ruth Ann Mitchell discuss her current mural located at 761 N. High St. Mitchell’s paintings reflect an abstract vision of the landscape viewed from her travels. These include interpretations of fields, cuts through mountains, and views from walks — from the vantage point of her bike or out the window of a car, plane, or building.

Having traveled extensively within the US and Europe, Mitchell is always struck by the patterns waves make in the sand, plowed fields, and the mountain rock the roadways have exposed, as well as the untouched textures of the land. These colors, shapes, and textures offer inspiration for her work.

Sometimes the artist works from drawings, but more often from memory, combining more than one location in a single painting. One of her great pleasures is hearing what the viewer “sees,” which is often something quite different from what she intended.

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