Natural Inclinations at Brandt-Roberts Galleries

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Farm animals grazing the bucolic countryside, gardens fraught with foliage and flora, quaint village homes adorned with draping natural light. Brandt-Roberts Galleries is pleased to present, Natural Inclinations, by contemporary impressionist painter Mark Gingerich. In his new body of work, artist Mark Gingerich embraces the familiar while seeking unfamiliar subjects as he aims for authenticity in his recognition of beauty found at home and abroad. Scenes that may seem commonplace and overlooked are animated and renewed by his impressionist brushwork and palette knife markings.

Mark Gingerich, a native of Germany and resident of Ohio, is an Impressionist painter of the Midwest. Embracing the history and tradition of impressionist practitioners before him, Gingerich focuses on the effects of light in his work. Whether fleeting, spilling, draping, or striking, the depiction of light transforms simple subjects into dramatic scenes. His loose brushwork and multifaceted palette create compositions inspired by the French Barbizon and Impressionist aesthetic of style and color.

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