Neil Goldberg ‘Inhibited Bites’

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Neil Goldberg

Inhibited Bites

Presented by The Columbus College of Art & Design, the Idea Foundry, and the Wexner Center for the Arts


Winter/Spring 2018 Preview

“Goldberg has produced some of the most quietly intense and affecting art of his generation.”—Time Out New York

Inhibited Bites is a solo performance about the strangeness of being alive in a body, and especially our need to eat. A visual artist as well as a performer, Neil Goldberg uses his photo series The Gay Couples of Whole Foods (2013–15) and the Audubon-style drawings Wild Animals Eat My Family and Me (2015), among other works, as backdrops for personal narratives, cultural reflections, and scientific speculations that examine our complicated relationships to being flesh and blood. The performance also incorporates a collection of 700-plus index cards containing story fragments, unrealized art ideas, and observations about embodiment jotted down by the artist over many years. Whether discussing the connections between internalized homophobia and aggressive hygiene or our shifting identification with predator and prey animals, Goldberg reveals the absurdity, mystery, and horror underlying everyday, bodily experience.

Goldberg’s mixed media and performance work has been exhibited at venues including NGBK Berlin; Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona; and The Museum of Modern Art, New Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Kitchen in New York, as well as on 13 digital billboards in Times Square.

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