No Maps on My Taps (George Nierenberg, 1979)

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


No Maps on My Taps (George Nierenberg, 1979)

Followed by About Tap

New 2K Restorations


“[These] films, which I consider the two best ever made about the art, didn’t just record tap history; they became a part of it, helping to stoke a revival.”—dance critic Brian Seibert, New York Times

No Maps on My Taps was documentarian George Nierenberg’s quest to capture the excitement, history, and beauty of the then-fading art of tap dancing through living legends Bunny Briggs, Howard “Sandman” Sims, and Chuck Green. (The film also features striking vintage footage of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and John Bubbles.) Though considered an elegy when released, the film became a hit and helped fuel the revival of a form that had faded into simple nostalgia for many. (59 mins., 2K DCP) The doc is followed by About Tap, Nierenberg’s brilliant follow-up featuring 1980s and 90s star Gregory Hines, who shares memories of his favorite tap greats and mentors. (25 mins., 2K DCP) Both films are restored from the original 16mm camera negative.


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