Ohio Princess Ball

2:00 pm - 3:45 pm


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JOIN ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS for a musical stage performance and an Enchanted Ball.

VIP Tickets are $50 per person (both Adults & Children Need tickets)

General Admission are $35 per person


  • Be greeted by TINK and Fly into your seats!
  • Spectacular performances on a beautifully decorated stage
  •  * Snow Queen * Snow Princess * Snow White *Belle *Sleeping Beauty * Cinderella * Rapunzel * Jazmine * Moana * Tianna * Ariel and a surprise guest!!!!
  • Enjoy each princess as she performs her signature songs!
  • The children will learn interactive dances
  • Read and learn French with Belle
  • Do the Bubble Boogie Woogie and go Under the Sea with Ariel
  • Learn the traditional “Tamu” dance and Polynesian words with Moana
  • Complete princess training with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
  • Tianna will give the Jazziest performance ever!
  • Freeze dance with Elsa and so much more!


Your child will enjoy a Royal Ball with all the Princesses

The ball will conclude with the entire cast singing “So Long, Farewell” from the Sound of Music

Plan to get Dressed in your ” Ball Best” Attire

To View our past Enchanted Princess Balls of Columbus videos, visit: Facebook.com/ohioprincessball

Produced, organized and hosted by Paulette’s Princess Parties

NO REFUNDS can be rolled over to another event. In case of sickness, please call Paulette before the Ball to arrange at 614-395-6330.


For more details and to purchase your tickets, click here!

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