Pizzuti Collection Family Day

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Family Day at Pizzuti Collection is a wonderful opportunity to gather the family for a full day of arts programming. Enjoy complimentary admission while exploring the exhibitions on view. Children and adults will have the opportunity to make a miniature chair out of cork, wire, and paper, all inspired by our design exhibition. Families will also receive a guided tour of the exhibition.

Family Day Itinerary

12:00-5:00pm | For Freedoms Voter Registration + Yard Sign Activation

This Family Day we invite visitors to join us by participating in the For Freedoms Lawn Signs activation. Inspired by politician’s campaign signage, For Freedoms lawn sign activations encourage participants to produce and publicly display their own definition of freedom by filling out signs that say: Freedom Of…, Freedom From…, Freedom For…, and Freedom To…

The For Freedoms Lawn Sign activation is in conjunction with the For Freedoms exhibition and the 50 State Initiative.

2:00-3:00pm | Mini Chair Building Workshop

Join us to explore design in an afternoon of art-making activities. Children and adults will have the opportunity to make a Mini Chair using everyday materials, all inspired by our design exhibition When Attitudes Become Chairs.

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