Prisoners of the Earth (Prisioneros de la tierra, Mario Soffici, 1939) Introduced by Margaret Bodde, Executive Director, The Film Foundation

4:45 pm - 6:45 pm


Widely considered to be the greatest Argentine film of all time, Prisoners of the Earth was shot on location in the Misiones region and portrays the grim lives of the mensus, indentured workers whose lives are spent harvesting yerba mate for wealthy landowners under grueling conditions. When a rebellious worker and his whip-wielding foreman fall for the same woman, it sets the stage for one of the most brutal acts of vengeance the screen has ever seen. The restoration is part of the foundation’s World Cinema Project. (85 mins., 2K DCP)

$6.00 members, students, seniors
$8.00 general public

 members, students, seniors
$35.00 general public

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