Quest (Jonathan Olshefski, 2017)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Quest (Jonathan Olshefski, 2017)

Jonathan Olshefski and editor Lindsay Utz IN PERSON

Columbus Premiere

“The kindness and generosity of spirit that infuse this nearly pure vérité film…made it the [Sundance’s] festival’s most inspiring gift.”—Amy Taubin, Film Comment

Winner of countless awards at film festivals all over the country, Quest is one of the most clear-eyed portraits of American life today. Filmed over the course of 10 years (essentially the Obama era), Quest follows Christopher “Quest” Rainey, his wife Christine’a (aka “Ma Quest”), and their two children as they struggle to get by in a neighborhood full of strife. Quest opens the doors to his home music studio as a creative sanctuary for his community, the one constant in a decade where this self-described “progressive and proud” family deals with a slow-burn transformation. It’s rare that films this full of love, healing, and hope appear. Do yourself a favor and meet the Raineys; chances are good you’ll emerge from the movie theater transformed too. (105 mins., DCP)

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