Rajat Shanbhag at 43 Homes

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Join 43 Homes and Rajat Shanbhag in a celebration of his most recent works. Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres provided.


Growing up in India with all its vibrant colors, myriad sounds and breathtaking landscapes, one could hardly help but wish to express it themselves. In his childhood, Shanbhag was introduced to drawing and watercolor painting as part of his school curriculum. He enjoyed them so much, they soon grew to be regular hobbies; however, as time passed, other things took over and he never pursued them as much as he wanted to.

Two years ago, he moved to Lawrence, Kansas to study mechanical engineering. This little college town was so different from his hometown in India. The changing landscapes, from flowers blooming everywhere in spring to muted orange tones of fall, filled him with awe. It was here that his brother introduced him to oil painting as a medium.

Returning to painting regularly again, he enjoy studying the works of contemporary artists, looking at the impressionist works of Van Gogh, and at the bright lively figures of Sorolla. He started painting mostly en plein air (out in the open) and realized he prefer painting from life. He tries to capture the ambience he feels when he is out in the field. Giving importance to various facets like the aesthetics, the temperature, and the composition, he tries to express what he sees before him with limited strokes to get a loose, painterly feel.

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