The Road Movie (Дороrа, Dmitri Kalashnikov, 2016)

9:00 pm - 10:15 pm


The Road Movie (Дороrа, Dmitri Kalashnikov, 2016)

Ohio Premiere


More eventful, dramatic, explosive, and humorous than any action movie, The Road Movie is made entirely of footage from Russian dash-cams. Deftly edited for maximum impact and surprise, the footage these drivers unwittingly capture features comets crashing to Earth, forest fires, painfully slapstick car crashes, and Russian road rage. So much Russian road rage! The film’s best running jokes come from the laconic motorists’ dry, bemused commentary in the face of the seeming vehicular apocalypse around them. Somehow the human condition (and a very Russian worldview) is captured as everyday people go about their day while everything around them is going very, very wrong. (67 mins., DCP)


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