September 2016 Mural Series Artist Talk

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Join artist Dana Lynn Harper at ROY G BIV Gallery for the monthly BLANK SPACES Mural Series Artist Talk. Guests will be able to hear about the conceptualization of the work, creative process, as well as direct discussions and ask questions.

“Diatoms” is an abstract representation of real Diatoms found in the natural world. Diatoms are single celled alga with a silica skeleton. The bi- or tri-symmetrical skeletons inspire the basic formation of each miniature diatom that Harper sculpts.  She finds these abstract, fundamental geometric forms and textures inspiring because they’re alien or unknown.  While looking otherworldly, they still look biological and familiar.  As they are made, one inspires the other, making up new alterations and variations as they are created.  The details as well as forms become an evolutionary process. All the diatoms are related, inspiring each other yet still maintaining their individuality.

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