Short North Scavenger Hunt with Columbus Food Adventures

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


We Can Help You Find What You’re Looking For
(because that’s how a scavenger hunt works)

We’ve been running foodie scavenger hunts for a couple of years now for private groups, and, well, they’re a blast! After having so much fun conducting them, we thought: how could we not run them publicly?

So, now we’re doing it, and we’re fleshing it out into a full-on Sunday Funday. The scavenger hunt itself features five tastes from various neighborhood food providers, discounts, and a make-and-take gift (we wish we could tell you what they are without spoiling the hunt, but trust us – they’re good!). After the hunt, everyone will head to the super-secret happy hour location for a celebratory drink and – you know us – plenty of food. We’re not called Columbus Food Adventures for nothing. There will even be some prizes for the winners.

We’re running these in a variety of Columbus neighborhoods, check the calendar to see where we’re going next! The afternoon’s events start at 1:30pm, and this event will work best if you pair up with a friend – indicate in the additional information notes section who you’d like to be paired with. Purchase tickets here.