Summer Spray Exhibition: Sophia Soisson

2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Join Summer Spray artist Fia Siosson for their solo exhibition at 1201 N. High St



Fia Soisson is currently a junior majoring in advertising and graphic design at Columbus College of Art & Design, in Ohio. They will be graduating with a BFA in the spring of 2024. While Fia is majoring in graphic design, they enjoy experimenting with other mediums and styles of art outside of their major. Most of their works are made with acrylic paint or digital platforms, and they find it exciting to try new mediums like resin. One of Fia’s original character designs, made while attending Columbus State Community College, was awarded the CSCAs Creative Best for a student illustration in 2021. They have been a vendor at multiple art fairs and craft shows including the Columbus Pride Festival. Along with being part of some art fairs, some of Fia’s works have been displayed at festivals like the Ohio State Fair and What? Music and Arts festival.