Time to Die (Tiempo de morir, Arturo Ripstein, 1965)

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Time to Die (Tiempo de morir, Arturo Ripstein, 1965)

New 2K Restoration


The first feature by Mexican auteur Arturo Ripstein finally receives its first US theatrical release! Time to Die follows a man who returns to his small hometown, trying to rebuild his life after serving 18 years in prison for murder. Although the man acted in self-defense, the victim’s sons pursue him, having sworn to avenge their father. A Western that both embraces and revises the codes of the genre, Time to Die also marks the first produced screenplay by the great Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez and Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes. Restored from the original 35mm negative. (90 mins., 2K DCP)

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